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Who is looking to purchase a “Cigarette Case” in the near future?!


(Main Image Links:   🌲   KellysMagnets      🌲     Che55     🌲    SweetHeartSinner    🌲 )

16, 463 items with the search term “cigarette case” on Etsy.  That turns into 250 pages of all different kinds of “cigarette cases” ….


🌲    HoneyAndMetal    🌲    CosmicFireFly    🌲    Eklektibles    🌲

On night two of browsing 16,478 items, I had only made it to page 49.

I could’ve narrowed the search down a little, added another word like Vintage or Metal/Wood, if I knew exactly what I was looking for, but I am just browsing and dreaming on this adventure.

ok, a few major keywords narrowed down gives you…

🌲 Wood coming back with 488 items.  🌲  Metal 3,680 results.   🌲  Vintage 5,012. Antique 1,149.  🌲  Leather 3,615. 🌲




🌲 TheVintageShopBG 🌲 FringePop 🌲 YourTurnVintageStore 🌲 Hansaware 🌲 VintageInBloom 🌲 RubysNeedfulGifts 🌲 RussianGiftsShop 🌲 NothingLikeLeather 🌲

I will say, the most noticeable thing, (other than the huge selection of fabulous cases) is the fact that they are listed from ALL OVER THE WORLD! 🌎  Yes, it means a little more time waiting for shipment to arrive, but that really isn’t a biggie in life!!  All of the ones I really, really wanted to buy were somewhere international.


Narrowed down with Most Expensive:

$$$50,000 for a Matchstick Case.  plus $5.69 shipping.  so, $50,005.69  total.

The most expensive (cough) wasn’t even a “cigarette case” but it was close, a Matchbox Case, over at NMDesignVintage, ships from Israel.   I probably wouldn’t have noted the Matchstick case, but she also had this reasonably priced Pipe section in her shop… 🙂  Sooo…. go check those out!


🌲 NMDesignVintage 🌲

Most Expensive Cigarette Cases, Top Three::


Top 3 Most Expensive Cigarette Cases

🌲  RomanovRussiacom         🌲         TribalOldSilver          🌲          BullionFrenzy   🌲


Another pretty expensive Noteworthy Collectible, Jack Benny’s Cigarette Case::


I really like the gorgeous simplicity of this historic case, ‘the works’ are beautifully merged together Sterling, 14K and Diamonds… click here to read the story, the history, behind this comedic case.  Do you know who Jack Benny is?

🌲  ShellysVintageJewels  🌲

annnnddd, the LOWEST PRICED Cigarette Case::

lighters lv

$.56 CENTS!! Are you kidding me?   Plus shipping ($11.23).  I thought it was going to be in absolute Horrible condition, so the interior surprised me on how well it was not tarnished, considering the wow low price. I seriously wanted to purchase it, only has $11 bucks for international shipping from Latvia! I didn’t look through FAQ or email about the question I still have, do they do combined shipping costs? 🙂

🌲  LightersLV  🌲


LightersLV actually have 4 different cases, all priced under $7.00.  with reasonable international shipping prices.  check them out today!!!

Lowest Price, continued.

And since this Kufsi is NEW to me, we will take a closer look at these Wild Cigarette Cases.. they range from .99 cents to $1.40, plus $1.50 shipping from Israel.  I thought it would be a pretty awesome joke to pull on someone, and then I noticed they weren’t digital downloads like I originally assumed, I can’t print them all anyways…. You receive a physical item for about $2.49!! a cardboard box.  more like, a really pretty cardboard box.  and it’s discounted combined shipping, just 10cents extra per case you add into cart.   Okay, I think I can throw a few bucks towards this “WHAT THE HECK?” reaction of watching someone pull one of these out a new carton of cigarettes.  I like pulling silly practical jokes.  Plus I love the Giraffe pack!!  Go give this  🌲  KufsiArt 🌲 shop some LOVE! 🙂


Will Update once I receive my order!

UPDATE:: The owner contacted me, and the quote below is a few words of his, explaining Kufsi shop better.  AWESOME!!! Woodenist loves ALL art!!!

“Kufsi is a design company from Tela-Aviv Israel, Kusfi was established in 2014
Kufsi is Unique and reusable, Limited collection of talented artists illustrations on high quality paper skin boxes that slide on a standard cigarette packets, with artwork by artists as well as young and senior designers printed on them, which adds an artistic touch and introduces a new and hot accessory to our lives – upgrading our appearance scene with a lot of schick and style.”

Thank you Eldad for telling us more about it!



I like the silver ones.  I like the ones with a lot of color.  I like only one quoted case.  I like Antique pictures anywhere and everywhere.  I definitely want one that is double sided containment.  I want one to make me smile, everyday.  55 pages and I still haven’t found the one that says “ME, MINE!”  I really like the wood ones, but would rather make one myself…. duh!  You are reading the Woodenist’s Blog.  but, I do appreciate all woodworkings! So…


My favorite Wooden Cigarette Case was… 🌲  Cigarettoss  🌲


they come in quite a few different designs.  They are laser engraved.  Ship from Indonesia.  All of them are Gorgeous, I couldn’t pick a favorite design.  What is your favorite design at 🌲 Cigarettos 🌲 let us know?

One of the Best Vintage ones I saw…. 

🌲  VintageTivo  🌲


I like items with stories… backgrounds. I think it adds to owning a piece, knowing a little about it, where it came from, who held it.  This one, has been to war… go read the description to know more for yourself on the history.  He also has metal and leather vintage cigarette cases available for purchase.  Looking for a Kyanite Ashtray?  He has one of those too.. (shh, okay, off topic Woodenist!)

UPDATE::  VintageTivo actually emailed me, and we had a very pleasant conversation.  I took a second look at his shop and there is a whole “Tobacciana & Lighter ” section.  Plus, It needs to be noted, his little Logo is SUPER cute!  Then you catch sight of the twisted Mustache, and you think to yourself that you wish you could hang out with this dude, cause he has to be awesome to sport that bad boy..

VintageTivo, drop Mr Ivo an email and say Hello!


Another NiiiiiiCCeeeeee Vintage Cigarette Case….. drumroll…. boom, boom, BOOM!

🌲  Old Apple  🌲


Smoking!  I LOVE this Green color, so bright bright!  That is what draws me to it soooo much.  I almost added this one to my cart without second thought, but I’m too full with rational thinking, I would’ve purchased almost all of them on this list.  (Minus the $50,000 Matchstick Case. I don’t use Matchsticks for one, so it would be pretty useless to me, but there is no way in my lifetime I could afford that, HAHAHA)

You can shop OldApple and grab that awesome green case before I do! (still thinking about it).


And, I even found an Etsy shop to get you a new pair of Elastics for those worn out Vintage ones you can’t help but purchase!! 🙂

🌲  JaneeRoberti  🌲


On Night Three of browsing 16,463 items, I somehow made it to page 122.


There are soo soo too many to choose from! 16,000 however many is ALOT. A lot. It took me over a week to seriously look through these.  I did do it a few minutes at a time.. here and there, and dedicated for about an hour every night. It was actually tiring trying to look through all of them and make a decision on my favorite.  So I haven’t actually done that final step yet.


🌲     Serlips      🌲      SoYesterdaySoCool     🌲     FerchiShop     🌲


Another Odd Note on this search::

When I originally searched “Cigarette Box” on Etsy,  a Dugout comes up within the first 8 listings.

Sooo, go search Etsy today!  If you find one that is jaw dropping awesome BUY IT!! SHARE cool ones with us in the comments!  Which type is your favorite?  Is there another Small Business that has interesting Cigarette Cases I don’t know about?  Please, share them here with us!

and if you do shop one of the small businesses above, tell them Woodenist sent you!


Thanks for reading! 🙂

Have a WONDERFUL day!





All these listings were “active” on when searched for in May 2018. None of the items are related to Woodenist really.  We do not carry these items in our store.  Please use common sense and good judgement when making purchases online.   We have not done official business with any of the shops mentioned above (yet), so we have no true opinion on the dealings with them.  Just “window shopped” them all, I know for sure, I did not check for Review ratings in every shop.  Each shop on Etsy holds their own policies, they will differ between shops mentioned above, so please read each shops policies before purchase.  On this page, all but one image are not copyright by Woodenist, they are screenshots of internet pages, and all photographs belong to corresponding shop.  Please contact the corresponding shop for their information and use of any photos of theirs. I have let each shop know their item is featured here and I used their photographs per screenshots.  If those shops above have any problems with the use of their information on this website, please contact me immediately.  Blah, blah, blah more legal mumble jumble, I am not and can not be held responsible. If you have any questions, please contact .Thank you.

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