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If you are looking for some Artful Shopping Suggestions, here is one for you. Woodenist has had a first hand experience with KUFSI Art!Β  “It’s not just a cover!”

got my package!! woot woot!

It arrived QUICKLY!Β  I was surprised when I opened my mailbox and it was here, I was expecting it was going to take a few more days!!Β  AWESOMENESS ALERT: they offer really truthful (international) shipping prices, like seriously, I am a shipper myself, and I was like ROCK ON these are super reasonable shipping prices!!



So many different designs!!!Β  60+ awesome designs in their shop!
BARBENVAKIL, You’re weird, I like you too!

That is not just shine from the plastic they come in…. that is also bling from the gloss shine on the paper used. High Quality!!



This one I had a bit of an ‘ocd’ moment, the placement of the boob, it bothers me. when you fold the box, you loose the best part of the art!Β  I don’t want to see the deer head.. boob vs deerhead…. c’mon boob wins!. πŸ™‚ 😑

Folded, Loaded, ready to roll.

These are super easy to construct!!! take off the plastic and fold into box format.Β  I was a big worried to pull/push the other cigarette pack into the Kufsi, but a little wiggly and gently and viola!! take your time, works fine.

Two boxes together make for a super strong box, I like these for ‘throw in bag’ durability…


A word directly from the owner himself::

My Name is Eldad Karavani and I’m the owner of of Kufsi Art,
Kufsi is a design company from Tela-Aviv Israel, Kusfi was established in 2014
Kufsi is Unique and reusable, Limited collection of talented artists illustrations on high quality paper skin boxes that slide on a standard cigarette packets, with artwork by artists as well as young and senior designers printed on them, which adds an artistic touch and introduces a new and hot accessory to our lives – upgrading our appearance scene with a lot of schick and style.

Our main product is the Kufsi cigarette box cover with designs (we currently have about 80 different designs) from multipal international and Israli artists and designers.


If you visit Kufsi.com they have videos where you can see the packs get made.

The link below you can watch one of their HOW TO videos on the YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlQ5_uiOuaA


They also have other stuff for sale besides these Art Boxes on their site. Β  Their Sunglasses are wild, you should go check them out here, at this link:Β  https://www.kufsi.com/diffraction-glassesΒ I really want a pair!


Out of the ones I have pictured above, Which print is your favorite? I can’t choose!! Β  Leave your opinion in the comments below.




weblink to Kufsi’s Etsy Store! ———> Β https://www.etsy.com/shop/KufsiART

you can read the feedback I left for them here weblink ———->Β  My ReviewΒ  and my other Review!!! Proof!Β  I’ve given them double FIVE STARS!!



Woodenist, out.



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