It is suggested, you remove the ‘wooden pieces’ when dealing with any type of water. (Washing with mild soap and water, every once in awhile, is recommended, while insuring the ‘wooden pieces’ dry thoroughly after).

It is also suggested to remove the ‘wooden pieces’

  1. while swimming, pools, hot tubs, baths, etc (any long-term exposure to water)
  2. using any type of harsh chemicals
  3. moving heavy objects (mostly takeoff!! for the rings)
  4. and of course use caution with any abrasive materials (sandpaper, ahh!).

It is highly suggested the ‘wooden pieces’ should be maintenanced by applying a wood wax, when completely dry of course, for the longevity of the wood. Lifespan depends on the care the ‘wooden pieces’ receive on a regular basis. An all natural wood wax is recommended.
Some people are allergic to certain types of wood. If irritation occurs, immediately remove the ‘wooden pieces’ and discontinue wearing. See a doctor if reaction is severe.Β  We are sorry if you have wood allergies, but we can not be held responsible for any unknown allergies or reactions you may have.

Care Instructions can be found on the inside of our Jewelry boxes.

Care Instructions How to Box (4)

Each piece of Woodenist Jewelry comes nestled in a keepsake box.

WPM Necklaces Bundled Display Picture (3).JPG



🌳πŸ”₯πŸ’¨Β  Smokeabowls Wooden Pieces::

Quick tips for your wooden pipe.

1. Do not get wood pipes WET.
2. Keep out of direct sunlight, or excessive heat.
3. Maintenance is key, rest your pipe often and clean it routinely.
4. Re-wax your pipe as needed. Use an all-natural wax.
5. Enjoy smoking, life is short.

A well maintained smoking pipe should last a few lifetimes.
* Try to keep your pipe from getting wet, do NOT submerge the wooden pipes into water.
If you have bad luck, and just so happen to fall into water with pipe in your pocket, thoroughly wipe off with towel, take it completely apart, now would be an excellent time to seriously clean it, use some pipe cleaners and/or a pipe knife to get all the cake out. Let it dry completely, days and days. Putting it in a warm area would be a good idea, but make sure that area isn’t too hot. Once dry, Re-apply wax and then re-assemble.

* We use an all natural wax finish on most of our pipes, so the wood is not sealed and is able to still breath.
*Never leave your pipe in direct sunlight, or allow it to get overheated. The sun can change the color of wood, and excessive heat can change the flavor.
*You should empty your pipe, once done smoking with it, every time. Doing so helps lessen clogs and gives it room to breath. You should even take it a step further and use a pipe cleaner after every use.
* Wood Pipes need a rest in between smoke sessions, if they are to continue to function properly over the years. You should have more than one pipe in your arsenal, for a fresh clean rotation of pipes. Yeah, okay, I am going to say it, take a second look through the shop.
* Dip a pipe cleaner in alcohol and then push it through the stem, follow this with a dry pipe cleaner. Let this pipe air dry for a few days and rotate in one of your others until then. The key is keeping them clean as you go versus clogging the heck out of one and letting it taste bad. πŸ™‚
There are so many more tips I could give, but those are the basics. There is so much information already in the interwebs, smoking pipes have been around for ages and ages! If you don’t know what you are doing yet, google it (ha) or shoot us an email anytime, we like talking smoke.Β  So, ultimately its up to you how you treat your wooden pipe. Smoke how you wish, life is short. Anyone have any tricks they’d like to share?Β  Leave a comment!





The most common readily supply of wood I have are the three examples in the photo below.

Pine is a light weight, a blonde or yellow with distinct grain lines.

Maple is a medium weight, brown/beige Marble looking grain. (this is my favorite!)

Cedar is a medium weight, red and blonde mixture.Β  (sometimes all blonde/or all red)

We also use Oak, Pear, Peach, Cherry woods when available.Β  We never use any type of pressure treated wood for our jewelry or pipes.








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