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FIRST Review!

woodenist first review


FIRST Review! Five Stars!! πŸ™‚ Thank you Jean!

visit her shop here:Β  LaurelArts


Wind Chimes, Pottery, Silicone Molds, Miniatures, etc.


Appreciate the love! After all the hard work, this was pretty sweet!Β  Thank you for taking your time, on Christmas day even, to leave Woodenist a review! I love that it was a gift too!Β  big Thank you!!



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Custom Piece, Handcrafted Especially for a certain Duo in mind :)

Custom Work, One of a kind matching grain two piece necklace set. Ultimate Best Friend necklaces!!!


Custom Christmas Gift, hand created by Woodenist.



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Made with love❀

Every piece is made with love, while zen’ing.

1529329533245Fresh cut.Β  Dried. Wood.

1529328523310Pain happens. Plus side, Don’t have to worry about cutting nails!


Coffee Happens. Alot.


Sanding. Which is what causes some of the booboos.


Whittled Hugs. Holding on to Mom at the wrong time.


ALOT of Hand Sanding. Lots and lots of hand sanding.



and sometimes, pain with a lot of blood.Β  Cut doesn’t look that bad, but woo she bled. Blood has been shed in the making of this wooden pipe.




New switch!

Got it working again!

When one of your machines break, and it takes you entirely too long to fix it!! It took a bit over a month to fix the switch! But, I am now able to finish making a few pieces that have just been patiently sitting on the workbench waiting for completion.


Wooohooo!!!! yeah! New switch in, time to start drilling holes!! New Wooden Pieces coming soon!Β  Hit the follow button if you are interested!


New Items Coming Soon!

Finally got a weekend date with me and my shop.Β  Felt really good getting to finish these! This is only half the haul I got done… There is definitely more to come, follow along, alot of new ‘odd creations’ I’ve never seen before…. oh the ideas!

NEW Items coming soon!! Comment, Follow, Tag Friends, tell me which ones you like best!!


The swirl colors in this are BEAUTIFUL. This one is one of my favorites.Β  It is a gorgeous Maple.


All Wooden Pieces come with screens and a pipe cleaner. (unless otherwise stated).Β  Every piece is ALL NATURAL.Β  Handmade, one of a kind.Β  No two pieces are ever the same.